Insights for Innovation

The deepest form of understanding another person is empathy.

Indi Young | "Mental Models"



A human-centered approach is critical to develop an understanding of needs and values that will illuminate opportunities for meaningful design and change. I leverage primarily qualitative methods like ethnography, contextual inquiry, in-depth interviews, and diary studies to discover what truly matters – firsthand. I focus on potential or actual users, experts, and analogous spaces to learn from similar models in adjacent categories. 


Design Strategy

Our strategy is built upon rigorous insights work. We create meaning and opportunities to design through mediums and across touch points. Our strategy work often includes the creation of artifacts like personas and journey maps, empathy maps, service blueprints, design principles and manifestos, and foresight – or futures – strategy to identify opportunities for design. Frameworks like these clarify the landscape of emotions, experiences, behaviors, and values, making systems and relationships more tangible.

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Design Thinking Workshops & Coaching

Design thinking, just like storytelling, is a mindset. To us, design thinking renders a more compatible, collaborative and inspirational working style – jolting stagnant thinking into tangible creativity.  This method excels at merging both creative thinkers and analytical thinkers through a systematic sequence of convergence and divergence. These workshops are generative and catalytic – less presentation, more learning by doing. Coaching is also delivered through a constructivist method to support you and your team as you build your capabilities.


"We are drowning in information, but starved for knowledge."

John Naisbitt | "Megatrends"

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Our clients range from mid-stage startups to award-winning agencies to Fortune 500s.


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