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Research is formalized curiosity.
It is poking and prying with a purpose.

Zora Neale Hurston


The Blumline


Natasha Margot Blum

Founder & Principal Director, Research & Strategy

Natasha is the founder and principal director of Blumline. She specializes in foundational, qualitative research, focusing on uncovering unique cultural insights and generating incisive, inspiring strategy. With a multidisciplinary background and extensive international studies, she brings nearly 15 years of experience, working across products, services, environments, and organizations. Her industry experience spans healthcare and wellness, finance, mobility, the future of work, international development, food security and climate change, and diversity and inclusion.

Natasha has delivered catalytic strategies and solutions for startups like Simple Finance, Postmates and Remind, and Fortune 500s including Volkswagen, Lincoln, Target, Singapore Airlines, Capital One, and HP.


Evan Brown

Principal Innovation Strategist

Evan has a passion for both the art and science behind the creation of innovative solutions that deliver value and impact. He brings a holistic design strategy toolkit from the Design Strategy MBA program at the California College of the Arts, and joined Audi’s Innovation Research team in 2014. AIR focused on researching and designing for emerging technologies like autonomous driving and the future of IoT – uncharted territory into problem spaces and future states without reference for most consumers. 

Evan’s expertise offers unique insights into the mobility space with a cross-cultural lens, industrial design expertise as a former furniture designer, and many years in trend research, and audience definition through his years at Wieden + Kennedy and Crispin, Porter + Bogusky. 


Anna Engstrom

Senior Research & Design Lead

Anna is a seasoned design industry veteran, with over 14 years of experience using human-centered design to solve business innovation challenges. She’s led research and strategy across digital, physical and service design, stewarding large multidisciplinary teams at IDEO for over 6 years.

Her work includes building a breakthrough venture, Society of Grownups, from the ground up – a “Master’s program in adulthood” focused on financial advice and education for people in their 20’s and 30’s. With industry experience spanning health care, food, and transportation, Anna is well-rounded, and brings a unique lens as a foreign resident, originally hailing from Sweden.


Soren DeOrlow

Design Director

Soren DeOrlow is an advocate and champion for the power of design in solving complex problems. He is the founder and principal of Resonance Partners, a design thinking and innovation consultancy that specializes in healthcare and wellness. Soren spent 10 years at IDEO San Francisco, where his energy was focused on designing at the confluence of healthcare and financial wellbeing, where difficult decisions often lie.

Soren has consulted with a variety of clients including Genentech, Cleveland Clinic, Samsung, Wells Fargo, J&J and Visa. He has helped clients innovate across a broad range of industries such as consumer products, retail, entertainment, hospitality and food & beverage. Soren’s award-winning work has received a number of patents.


“Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you might miss it.”

john hughes | ferris bueller's day off 



Blumline helps companies innovate by leveraging qualitative research, design thinking and storytelling to discover what really matters and unlock creative solutions, products, and services. In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, human-centered insights matter more than ever as we collectively face an opportunity to shape the nature of humanity in the age of automation. Data will continue to offer timestamps and traffic updates: the what, when, and where. It is understanding the why that unearths the real, raw, human experience at this moment in time – values, emotions, desires, needs, fears – the very essence of experience, and the foundation of design. 



We have partnered with a wide range of clients from Fortune 500s to lean, cutting-edge startups to non-profits and consultancies. We collaborate closely with clients, integrating insights, business strategy, and creative inspiration to create a cohesive process. Industry work spans healthcare and wellness, medicine, automotive and autonomous mobility, travel, hospitality, food & grocery, finance, organizational design, culture, and urban design.

Through a blend of qualitative research methods, from contextual inquiry to diary studies to cultural immersion, we help stakeholders like executives, product managers, designers, marketing teams, and research & development groups understand their target users. By exploring uncharted territory and investigating familiar problems through a unique lens, we uncover the unseen, unknown, and develop robust opportunity areas, roadmaps, and product and service design strategies to meet the real needs of real people, users, consumers, communities, and markets, ultimately creating alignment and honing a product-market fit that benefits all.


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