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Research is formalized curiosity.
It is poking and prying with a purpose.

Zora Neale Hurston


Natasha Margot Blum


I'm Natasha, and I'm passionate about discovering and sharing wisdom to bring products and services to market that help people live better, healthier, and more fulfilled lives. I love helping organizations create more intentional, beautiful, and human experiences that help their people, customers, and businesses thrive. 

I believe in authentic conversations, honest ambition, and inspiring collaboration. If you want to think different – leave the office, question your assumptions, work at your edge. Read more about my background here


“Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you might miss it.”

john hughes | ferris bueller's day off 



Blumline helps companies innovate by leveraging qualitative research, design thinking and storytelling to discover what really matters and unlock creative solutions, products, and services. In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, human-centered insights matter more than ever as we collectively face an opportunity to shape the nature of humanity in the age of automation. Data will continue to offer timestamps and traffic updates: the what, when, and where. It is understanding the why that unearths the real, raw, human experience at this moment in time – values, emotions, desires, needs, fears – the very essence of experience, and the foundation of design. 



I have partnered with a wide range of clients from Fortune 500s to lean, cutting-edge startups to non-profits and consultancies. I collaborate closely with clients, integrating insights, business strategy, and creative inspiration to create a cohesive process. Industry work spans healthcare and wellness, autonomous mobility, travel, hospitality, food, finance, and human capital management.

Through a blend of qualitative research methods, from contextual inquiry to diary studies to cultural immersion, I help product managers, designers, marketing teams, research & development groups understand their target users and explore uncharted territory to develop robust opportunity areas, roadmaps, and product and service design strategies to meet real needs. 


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